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The Mindful Bodi Movement Center is a pilates studio, dedicated to teaching, practicing, and sharing the pilates method.

Mindful Bodi is owned and operated by Claire Vogt, a comprehensively trained instructor. Claire is diligent in her training and continued education, believing learning never stops. Claire has trained to work with special populations as well as the elite athletes. With a deep love and passion for the pilates method, Claire is passionate about teaching and loves nothing more than to help you feel, look and move your best!

The studio is complete with a trapeze table, 4 reformers, 4 towers, 4 pilates arcs, a ladder barrel, a pedi-pole, foot corrector, 2 chairs, rings, and various props to help deepen the work. The Mindful Bodi Movement Center offers private sessions, duets sessions, and small group classes.