About Claire

Claire Vogt, owner, Pilates teacher

I opened the Mindful Bodi Movement Center in 2011.  After years of study and apprenticeships I began teaching in the bonus room of my home.  Fast forward a couple of years and I took my studio to a full brick and mortar storefront.  After 7 years of teaching in a brick and mortar outside of the home I moved back to my home in 2019 to allow more time with my husband and sons. It was the best decision I could have made!

training highlights & teaching

I originally trained and became comprehensively certified through Balanced Body. As my passion for the work increased so did my desire to learn more.  I began studying the training in the classical work of Joseph Pilates in 2015 and that training changed everything. The classical work is powerful and the order of the work is nothing short of brilliant.  Many people feel the classical work can be to routine or boring, however it is just the opposite.  The order creates deeper work and allows your body to find freedom once a strong foundation has been created.  Your movement and work becomes play and in that play you find freedom within your body.

Teaching and sharing the work of Pilates is a joy.  I teach to the body in front of me, focusing on the clients needs and goals. The Pilates Method can be modified for all body types, as well as the many variations can challenge even the most elite athlete.

In addition to my comprehensive Pilates certification through Balanced Body, I also hold additional certifications and specialty training in:

*Pilates for Athletes with Laura Browning Grant, Second Generation Master Instructor and mentor.

*Classical Mat Certification with Laura Browning Grant, Second Generation Master Instructor and mentor.

*Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis & Other Neurological Conditions, with Mariska Breland of Fuse Pilates.

*Pilates & Menopause with Jennifer Gianni, Master Fusion Pilates Instructor.

*Taller with Age with Mary Bowen, Pilates Elder.

*Pilates Plus Psyche with Mary Bowen, Pilates Elder. 

I am still a student of the work and train with my own mentor monthly.  I am a forever student and practitioner of this amazing method known now as Pilates.