Whose Class Is It?

Seems like a silly question; YOU pay for a class and sign up reserving YOUR spot. YOU arrive at the studio, gym, or , and YOU are ready for your class, YOUR class. Let’s pause here for a moment and let me ask you an important question. Does your teacher demonstrate or take their class? There is a big difference.

I have been a licensed massage and bodywork therapist for over 11 years, but before that I was also a fitness instructor. So why am I writing a blog post about fitness classes and not some earth-shaking post about the importance of massage therapy? Fear not, that will be coming because trust me massage therapy IS IMPORTANT for EVERYONE! The reason for THIS post is this: after treating my 10th client (in a week) who was injured doing a group fitness and yoga class, I decided it was past time to get the message out to ALL who exercise and especially those planning to begin an exercise practice!

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