Best workout ever! In a year of pilates with Claire I have gained over 15 lbs of solid, lean muscle, am considerably more flexible, and have grown almost a 1/2 inch taller.

~Michael C., Kernersville

I love Pilates, Claire is wonderful! My back, after 5 surgeries feels the best it has in years. Thank you!

~Linda F., Kernersville

Claire Helms Vogt has a genuine passion and extraordinary talent for teaching others The Pilates Method. When I moved back to North Carolina, I was blessed to meet and work with Claire. From the beginning, I realized she had already achieved the mind/body connection through her Pilates Practice. After working with her to refine her practice, I am astonished at the milestones she has achieved and even exceeded. Claire’s infectious personality and go getter way of life makes her one of a kind. She is eager to learn and willing to go the extra mile. Reliable, knowledgeable, passionate, caring, and soft-hearted are just a few words that come to mind when I think of Claire.

Through her life experiences and willingness to never stop learning, Claire brings a special gift to her clients, studio and The Pilates Community.

~Laura Browning Grant of Laura B. Pilates

My Pilates practice has completely transformed since coming to The Mindful Bodi Movement Center and working with Claire. Claire has a unique approach that focuses on the mind body connection of Pilates and tailors movement to your individual need. Her private sessions are completely focused on you and she brilliantly shapes your session to be both fun and challenging. You can see her passion for the Pilates Method and passion for sharing her knowledge shine through in her classes. I feel so lucky to have worked with Claire and definitely recommend this studio for anyone looking for an inspiring environment with people who truly care about your goals.

~Taylor M.

After starting Pilates 5 years ago and taking a 2 year break, I never truly understood the mind/body connection! I’m BEYOND blessed to have reconnected with Claire and I’m getting my body back! Pilates is for everyone!!! No matter age, physical level, or income! I have had a total body transformation since starting back 2 months ago!!! Thank you Claire for your help and patience!!!

~ Jamie S., Belews Creek

Claire is a great teacher… she understands Pilates and her clients and finds the best way to challenge her students while giving them a sense of accomplishment. I have taken personal and group classes from other instructors and Claire is the best.

~ Linda S., Kernersville

I started taking pilates classes in January and within the last 5 months I feel stronger than ever. Initially, I wanted to focus on building upper back strength due back pain. After 2 months of consistent classes, I no longer experience back pain. I didn’t realize all of the benefits of pilates until recently. I have gained so much core strength and am doing exercises that I never thought I would be able to do. One added bonus is that I can finally walk in high heels without hurting myself! My back, core, legs and ankles are the strongest they have ever been. Claire has really worked hard to target my weakest areas. She takes time to plan each session to focus on my areas of concern. I’m so thankful to have found such a caring and dedicated pilates instructor.

~ Anna F., Greensboro

Claire Vogt is a compassionate and inspiring Pilates instructor. Her attention to detail, supportive nature, and creativity are evident through her dedication to teaching the method of Pilates.  Along with her physicality, all of these aspects work together to meet any individual where they are, and will inspire them to accomplish their goals. I would recommend any student, at any level, to work with Claire to overcome weaknesses and maximize strengths to create a positive healthy lifestyle!

~Melissa Kakavas, Director of Pilates Education EVOLVE Movement Raleigh, NC

I started Pilates last spring and I cannot believe the difference it has made for me. I have a neurological condition that affects my balance and coordination. I was skeptical in the beginning but I am truly amazed by the progress I have made. Not only have I made improvements in mobility, as an added bonus I am toning up. I guess the point I am trying to make is if I can do it anyone can! Claire has a wonderful ability to design a program to suit your individual needs and goals. The only regret I have is that I waited so long to give Pilates a try.

~ Terri C., Kernersville

After years of appreciating – and struggling – with the exact discipline of dressage, I found myself without a horse. I missed the mental/physical connection of being aware of my body and how its posture, movement, and breathing affected every aspect of my horse’s performance. Pilates is my new dressage and Claire the most exacting, encouraging, and balanced instructor I have ever had the privilege of working with. She has it all – thorough knowledge of the human body, how to protect it while strengthening and stretching, compassion, enthusiasm, and in-depth understanding of “real” Pilates. She obviously loves what she does and as a result I love starting my favorite days with “Mindful Bodi Movement”. I highly recommend Claire if you really want to learn, enjoy, and feel energized with your Pilates exercise routine.

~ Robyn L., Kernersville

While recovering from a biking accident, I was told to take Pilates to improve my core strength and regain flexibility in my leg. It was a miracle for my recovery and I was hooked on Pilates. After having experienced several Pilates instructors, I can say without a doubt, “Claire is the best of the best!” Kernersville is extremely lucky to have such a passionate and dedicated instructor. Taking her classes will change you not only physically but mentally! Give it a try, you won’t regret it for a minute, I never have!

~Marcia P.

I’ve taken Pilates classes for the past 15+ years. Claire is by far the most knowledgeable, compassionate, and committed instructor I have ever had. Due to the intimate size of her classes, she is able to assess each participant’s level of ability (and motivation for practicing Pilates) and cater to the needs of each without compromising the experience of others. In addition, she seeks out opportunities to learn more about how the Pilates method can be used in different populations (i.e., for those with neurological conditions).

~Alison B., Kernersville

I worked with Claire for several months, taking private lessons with a focus on pain management. I have dealt with some degree of back pain for 45 years after an accident that broke several lumbar vertebrae. For the last 10 years, I have often been incapacitated by back pain, as my spine has deteriorated significantly! I was treated with opioid pain medication for several years and wanted to find a way to stop taking these drugs and get my life back. I saw a local magazine with an article about Claire’s studio and decided to try it. I really didn’t expect too much. I hoped that Pilates might help a little. That would have been good enough. Instead, I was introduced to this incredible practice that truly has changed my life for the better! Claire is so patient and kind! She always made me feel accepted and as if I was doing really well, even when I struggled so much because I was so out of shape. I thought I had to have a certain type of body, I thought I needed to be young and vibrantly healthy. All I needed was the desire to try. After my very first session, I felt so much better! I eagerly went back twice a week and with each session my back, and my whole body, got stronger. Claire is amazing! Pilates is amazing! If you are a person with back pain and think that you can’t afford Pilates, think about how much money you spend on doctors’ appointment, medications, and lost work. This is an investment in a healthy future. I have been told by many very competent physicians that I should be aware that my days of working, and even walking, are very limited. I have no intention of letting that happen. I recently had to move to another state and plan on finding a Pilates instructor where I now live. I only hope she will be half as good as Claire!

~Lisa K.